Our activity sector

We manufacture plastic parts for every sector where plastic is a vital technical solution. iP3 is committed supporting you at every stage, from design to mass production of your plastic part, regardless of your technical or appearance requirements.

Automobile pièces d'aspects injection plastique

Automotive: interior decorative parts (including chrome plating and pad printing)

pièces techniques : pièces mécaniques

Automotive: technical parts (including metal replacement)

pièces de sécurité : pièces de sièges (carters, boutons…)

Automotive: safety systems (including locks and latches)

Équipements électriques injection plastique

Electrical equipment

IP3 Habitat

Interior systems (including heating and boiler parts)

Equipements électroniques injection plastique

Electronic equipment

Injection plastique transports manutentions

Transportation / Handling

Agriculture pièces d'aspects injection plastique